Young Energy-Battery Charger Manufacturer

New Product

ESWH Wire Harness

DC Convertor

DC Convertor

ESCH24V15A-D Aluminum plastic shell charger

US $80.00 - US $100.00

ESCH24V10A-D Aluminum plastic shell charger

US $80.00 - US $100.00

ESCH12V15A-D Aluminum plastic shell charger

US $80.00 - US $100.00

ESCH80V200A Portable charger (Lithium type)

US $1,200.00 - US $1,800.00

Zhejiang Young Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Young Energy is one of the top industrial EV charging equipment manufacturer in China, which has successfully established its supremacy in the market in the past few years. Our main products include industrial battery chargers for lead acid battery and lithium-ion battery, battery discharging indicators, DC converters, energy feedback system, wire harness. Other vehicle accelerators are also available for the benefit of our customers.
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